Why Your Business Should Switch to Business VoIP Phones

Learn about the advantages of business VoIP phone systems.

No matter the size of your business, determining how your internal communications will operate is a major choice to make. A big part of that, of course, is the type of phone system that you choose to install.
Traditional phone systems have done a wonderful job in keeping companies and individuals connected for many years, but as with all things, newer technology has now prevailed thanks to the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol. Here’s why your company should switch to business VoIP phone systems to improve their communications abilities:

Business VoIP Phones Result in Better Productivity

Much of every company’s day is spent dealing with “busy work,” which basically translates to menial tasks such as organizing meetings, delivering notifications between locations, and other such items that take up a lot of time. With the use of business VoIP telephones, it’s much easier to share documents, set up virtual meetings, and conduct video conferences, which leaves you free for the more important tasks.

Improves Internal and Communication

Since VoIP is all about communication, it stands to reason that you’d see an improvement in this area when using a business VoIP service. It’s important to note, however, that this improvement is both internal and external. Not only will a company’s workers and clients be able to communicate better via features like Find Me / Follow Me amongst themselves, but they’ll also enjoy improved relations with those outside of the facility.

Lower Installation and Upgrade Costs

Installation of a traditional phone system can quickly become a high-ticket item because of the vast network of hardware and software that’s involved. When you utilize a VoIP system, on the other hand, these costs will be lower, in large part because much of the setup is handled by the internet. Upgrade costs are also much lower because the expansion of the existing network to fit your company’s growth is easier for the same reason.

No Extra Charges for Features

Business VoIP phones come with a variety of features that provide you with free long-distance, video conferencing, voicemail, and other elements that help improve your communications capabilities. All of these features, and several others, are included with your VoIP system, whereas a traditional phone system will often nickel-and-dime you and add to your monthly bill. Any new features that may be added to the service in the future will also be of little to no cost.

Hosted Solution Provides Stability

It’s always best when you don’t have to worry about your communications system going down because any downtime in your company can cause lost profits. Business VoIP providers allow for the use of a hosted solution, which means that an outside company monitors and maintains the system. They watch for network issues, hackers, and other such problems that could cause a hiccup in the system, and then they create a solution before it affects your business.

Reduce the Stress of Equipment

The installation of business VoIP phones can be very liberating because you no longer need to worry about the often complex network of equipment and accessories that come with a traditional phone system since so much is handled in the cloud.

Contact Onyx VoIP Services for a Hosted Solution

When choosing business VoIP phones, it’s always best to have a professional by your side. The team at Onyx VoIP Services can help you with the installation of a VoIP system, the selection of business VoIP phones, and a hosted solution to help everything run smoothly. If you have any questions or to receive a free estimate, give us a call at (855) 565-6699 today!

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