6 Reasons to Buy VoIP Phones & How They Best Suit Your Business

Which VoIP phone systems you should purchase for your business.

Whether you’ve already made the switch to VoIP for your business or have been considering it for a while, you’re most likely already aware of how this technology helps companies improve their communications capabilities. What started out as a slow burn so many years ago has turned into a wildfire as more and more businesses make the switch.

Whether you’re installing your first VoIP system or looking to make a few upgrades to an existing one, you’ll need to buy a VoIP phone system that best suit your business and will compliment your business phone service. To help you ensure success, let’s explore some of the best ways you can make that happen:

1. Know Its Intended Usage

When you set out to buy VoIP phone systems for your business, you must fully understand how they will be used on a daily basis and if your needs may change in the future. To give you an example, you might be okay with a single-line VoIP phone for now, but you may want to invest in multi-line phones for future needs. You also want to consider which features you’ll need, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

2. Required Features

The set of features included in a specific type of VoIP telephone is always a huge determining factor when choosing a specific system. There’s a long list of features available, ranging from voicemail and video conferencing to call transferring and call usage reports. Some of these features will be included with the VoIP service itself, while others will be dependent on the phone you choose or perhaps enhanced by a particular phone.

3. Overall Ease-of-Use

Business VoIP phones may have a lot of buttons, but that doesn’t mean they must be complicated to use. In fact, when you buy VoIP phones, it’s important that you invest in a type that, despite various functionalities, won’t take long to master. The more quickly your staff can adapt to the phone’s functions and become proficient at it, the more efficient they will be at their tasks.

4. Hosted VoIP Solution

If you want to get the most out of your business phone system, then it’s always best to choose a hosted solution with a reputable VoIP provider. With this service, consummate professionals will continually monitor your network and the functionality of your phones to ensure that you’re optimizing their usage and to prevent any issues that could result in subpar communications, data theft or downtime. This has more to do with the VoIP service than the phones themselves, but a provider will help direct you to phones that will work best for the hosted solution that you require.

5. Budget Concerns

As with anything that you purchase for your business, the cost of VoIP phones will be a consideration. Depending on the size of your budget, you may opt to buy VoIP phones with fewer features based on your precise business needs. While business phone providers that don’t deal with servicing may help with this, a VoIP service provider will be especially handy for making your selection, because they’ll always have your best interests in mind.

6. To Wire or Not to Wire

The choice between wired phones and wireless phones is often much more important than you might expect. This will depend on how you plan to utilize the phones, such as whether employees will be tethered to their desks or need mobility so that they can move around at their leisure. Speaking of wires, you’ll also want to decide between Power over Ethernet or standard outlet power. The first option provides less clutter but will typically cost more.

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