Top 7 Communication Challenges Solved by VoIP Services


Communication issues can reduce productivity and cause a breakdown in project management.

Regardless of the industry, it’s always important to maintain a high level of proper communication. So, information can be regularly delivered throughout your company. 


Even with all of today’s advanced technologies, businesses often find themselves facing communication challenges that keep them from achieving higher levels of success. VoIP solves the many problems that arise with traditional telephone systems, mainly when you rely upon your office phones for both internal calls and external ones with clients, sales leads, vendors, and more.


Here are a few communication challenges that VoIP services can solve that your plain old telephone system can’t:

Obsolete Technology

Traditional phone systems have served us well for many years, but the truth is these systems utilize technology that is decades-old and hasn’t made advances in the era of innovation. VoIP phone systems, on the other hand, is a modern technology that advances and adapts to a company’s needs. Effectively aiding your business as other technologies evolve too.

Difficulty of Expansion

Expansion of a business utilizing a traditional phone system can be a headache because of the costs involved with expanding the communication system. However, since a VoIP system utilizes a hardware and software solution that is predominantly internet-based, it’s quite simple to grow your company’s communications right along with the business. This means the expansion will be faster and at a lower cost.

Lack of Dynamic Features

One of the biggest communication challenges facing any
business is ensuring that you have a variety of features that allow you to
compete with others in your industry. A VoIP telephone system provides several dynamic features your clients will appreciate by:

  • Allowing you to stay in contact more easily
  • Utilizes greater mobility
  • Conducts off-site meetings and more

These features are specifically designed to not only keep
you in the running but to jump-start you ahead of the game!

Threat of Downtime

Ask a group of business owners about which communication challenges would be their kryptonite and we bet most of them would put downtime toward the top of their list. Even a small amount of downtime within a company can send shockwaves throughout their clientele and ruin your reputation, if only temporarily. With a hosted solution available through VoIP, communications are constantly monitored by technology experts. This eliminates the threat of costly downtime and ensures far superior communication across your business.

Limited Mobility

Although a traditional business phone service does a respectable job at allowing employees to stay connected when they’re not at their desk or primary phone, this can often be a somewhat tricky functionality to pull off. With robust features like Find Me/Follow Me, which easily allows your phone number to follow you anywhere you go throughout the day, your important clients will always be able to reach you! Just think of the productivity of employees not having to chase each other down when a hot sales call is on the line or they’re missing from a scheduled conference call!

Increase of Upgrade Costs

For many years, businesses have been saddled with high upgrade costs related to every single advance or upgrade made to their phone system to keep up. VoIP services have a high degree of flexibility whenever a new or advanced feature is introduced or provided as an option, which keeps upgrading costs to a minimum.

Rise of Communication Costs

There always seems to be a whole rash of charges found on your traditional phone system bill that may consist of long-distance costs, taxes, and hidden service fees. The costs of VoIP phone services are much more streamlined and will result in a lower expenditure, even if you add on the price of an optional hosted solution.

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