How VoIP helps doctors meet the HIPAA standard


The use of the telephone is under the law of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which means that the meaning and purpose of VoIP have been expanded to the medical sector.

Sharing information through an Internet network in an instant way is a frequent occurrence, and the type of information that is shared can be private or sensitive.

The world we live in today is full of breaches with data processing. While a hack in a credit card company’s database can be retrieved, but medical records and a patient’s account information do not have the same protection and resilience.

To maintain individual health records protected, the HIPAA Privacy Rule was established. Cloud-hosted communications have become an excellent solution for medical providers to comply with this regulation. We’ll show you what exactly HIPAA is and all the functions that VoIP provides to HIPAA medical services.

What is HIPAA?

What does VoIP mean in the world of medical services? Whether you work for an insurance company, in a hospital or a pharmacy, the services you offer must comply with HIPAA. HIPAA, was implemented in the United States health care system to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

The law describes the provisions that require HHS (Health and Human Services) to respect a set of national standards for electronic health care transactions and code sets, unique health identifiers and safety.

With technological advances in electronic communications and transactions, HIPAA helps protect people’s privacy and their health information. Procedures that comply with the HIPAA law cover a wide range of areas within the health care system.
From ensuring that printed copies of patient records are hidden, and only authorized personnel see them, to securing digital health records with different access codes and security permits.

An important aspect of HIPAA is securing communications, and that is where VoIP comes into play. Clinics, hospitals, health insurance providers, and their subcontractors rely heavily on unified communications and VoIP services to manage their patients’ information.

How VoIP can help doctors meet HIPAA standard?

The voice message you leave for your patient, the call to the hospital that is “recorded for quality control purposes”, and even the video chat scheduled with an urgent care doctor must be adapted to HIPAA to protect the personal health information.

But trying to comply with all the rules described can be overwhelming for health professionals. This is how VoIP can reduce the stress of ensuring that your communication complies with HIPAA standards.

Unified communications to connect all communication channels

Giving patients multiple different ways of communicating with their different health care providers is what keeps them satisfied with the medical services they seek. Taking advantage of VoIP means connecting all messages, voicemail, calls, and online platforms under one system to unify communications.

Therefore, whether you are an operator that diverts calls to the appropriate doctor’s office, a health insurance provider that has a live chat feature on its website, or a hospital system that hosts a patient portal in which Patients can send messages to the doctor or check their visit log, VoIP facilitates communication between the organization and the patient.

Connecting all communications and synchronizing data allows you to be online both with the people you work with and with the patients and clients you are trying to help.

Not only can VoIP services make the management of thousands of patients more efficient, but they can also synchronize and securely connect the right parties with the right people, all within a protected network.

Increase accessibility to medical services

 With VoIP phone systems compatible with HIPAA, the meaning of accessible medical care can be extended. One aspect in which VoIP can be beneficial in that it allows healthcare providers to receive calls from patients from wherever there is an Internet connection.

Cloud calling applications can be run on both smartphones and computers, and offer users the ability to answer or make a call.

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