VoIP Office Phone Systems Can Easily Grow with Your Business

Office phone systems utilizing VoIP systems will only help your business grow.

The installation of Voice over Internet Protocol is a great way to improve the quality of your calls, interact with employees remotely, and save money while continuing to provide the same level of excellence for your customers. Perhaps now more than ever before, making the switch from a traditional phone system to the use of business VoIP phone systems simply makes sense.

One great benefit with the use of VoIP office phone systems that have excited and delighted so many different companies is the ability to grow with your business with very little work and zero stress. Today, we’re going to explore a few ways that a business VoIP phone system will help your business and client base grow.

Add More Lines with Ease

Traditional office phone systems can be a real hassle once you begin to expand your business. Not only does this cost a great deal of money, but the time involved can delay expansion as technicians are called in to install new hardware and software. With a VoIP phone system, that level of difficulty is a thing of the past. Since VoIP is mostly cloud-based, all that’s usually needed is added bandwidth and new phones.

Make Changes to Auto Attendant

Once your business begins to grow, you’ll quickly realize that calls can quickly get out of control, leading to dropped calls, missed opportunities, and a negative experience for customers and clients. This is when VoIP’s auto attendant feature will seem like a godsend to your business phone service. Whether you need to create an entirely new menu tree, add a few new departments, or make smaller tweaks, this feature will work wonders.

Customizable Call Extension Tools

As a business, you’re most likely aware that customers and clients aren’t happy when they can’t get in touch with a certain person. Whether that person is an expert in a particular area of the company or has established a rapport with clients, they must be able to get ahold of that person. VoIP phones customize call extension tools – including the popular Find Me / Follow Me feature – that makes this a breeze no matter the size of your business.

Detailed Reporting on Calls

With all office phone systems, it’s important that you stay aware of all incoming and outgoing calls. You need to know where calls are coming from, which promotions are causing spikes (which we’ll discuss below), which departments are receiving the most calls, how many calls are being dropped, and other such details. Business VoIP systems provide you with a detailed accounting on everything you need to know.

Adapt to Unexpected Spikes

As your business grows, there will be a need for additional marketing campaigns to connect with new and existing customers. If an ad is more successful than anticipated, an influx of calls can overwhelm the system and your employees. With the use of VoIP, however, you can prepare your phone system for the increase in calls. Then, once the rush is over, you can dial it back down again.

Make Changes with the Seasons

Many businesses are seasonal. Everyone knows that, of course, but each year, companies still struggle to keep up with demand. This can cause a negative experience with customers if they’re not able to interact with you in a timely manner. But just as with unexpected spikes due to marketing initiatives, a business VoIP system can adapt with each season.

Contact Onyx VoIP Services to Upgrade Your Office Phone Systems

The installation of VoIP office phone systems will grow alongside your business while providing you with multiple options for your customers, clients, and employees. Onyx VoIP Services has established itself as the most reputable and trustworthy of all business VoIP providers in Tampa. If you have any questions about our VoIP terms, hosted solution, or simply how we can improve your company’s communications capabilities, please call (855) 565-6699 to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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