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A PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.

We strongly believe that small and mid-sized business communication needs to be simpler, more reliable, and more cost-effective. 

Benefits of In-house PBX:

  • Lower costs over several years. With a premise based business Asterisk phone system the cost of hardware would be greater than hosted VoIP as there would be additional hardware needed. However, this additional cost would be off set over some period of time at which point the cost over time would be lower.
  • The ability to have two different types of dial tone service. For example many small companies have 2 or 3 traditional phone lines. They can keep 1 or 2 of these lines and additional lines as SIP trunks delivered over the Internet. If one type of service goes down, as would be the case from loss of Internet (SIP trunks would not connect), they would still be able to make and receive calls from their traditional CO lines.
  • Lower costs on some feature sets. Many hosted VoIP providers have additional charges for some features. For example, multiple attendants might incur additional charges. A call queue would also be an additional feature at an additional charge. Music on Hold or Message on Hold can typically incur an additional cost with hosted VoIP, if they offer it at all. With a premise based business VoIP phone system all these feature sets might be incorporated in the PBX software so would not cost anything additional once you buy the PBX.
  • More control and more flexibility over your phone system. Owning your own PBX (business phone system) allows you to have total control over its use and operation. Making changes to the system or changing VoIP providers is easier and can be quick to do.
  • Signaling over your own network (LAN) instead of over the Internet. When you transfer a call from one extension to another extension in the office the phone switch in the closet on premise makes that happen. All the signaling occurs locally just feet away instead of miles. With a hosted VoIP system a transfer from one extension to another takes place at the hosted provider’s switch which would usually reside many states away. This increased distance caused a certain latency and also increases the need for a constant robust Internet connection. Although the voice traffic is the main user of bandwidth on any VoIP connection, eliminating all the PBX signaling can be an advantage, especially on days where the Internet connection is not as good as other days.

We offer Yeastar PBX as well as Digium PBX, so if a premise based solution is better for your business we have you covered with these two reliable and cost effective product lines. Click here to learn more


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