Reasons to get VoIP Phone Systems


Many businesses have made the decision to replace their traditional phone services with VoIP phone systems as the advantages of a hosted system become more evident. If you are using older, more traditional phone systems, here are five reasons you should switch over to VoIP.



One of the convincing reasons to get a VoIP Phone System is that of cost, specially where a business makes regional or international calls. VoIP Phone System lets these types of calls to be routed over the Internet, thereby evading the high toll fees associated with Plain Old Telephone Services regional and International calls. Most support video-conferencing, for example using Skype, making it an inexpensive way to connect with remote customers and staff.



A VoIP system is easy to deploy and effortless to manage. No matter the type of business you run or what type of phone solution you need, VoIP is flexible to accommodate your business without any annoyance or extra cost. It’s also easy for someone on your staff to add and remove users, change greetings and manage other ongoing tasks.

Cost Management


Billing of calls in a cost-recovery environment is a lot easier. Costs are associated with a user profile, rather than a physical device. Cost Centers therefore receive an accurate view of the costs of calls made by their someone. Some systems produce reports of costs per cost center automatically or on request by examining the basic call records created by VoIP phone systems.



VoIP Phone systems are flexible in their application of security than Plain Old Telephone Service Line. Security can be connected to a user, rather than to a device. This lets a user to make a call at their own security level from any device attached to the VoIP. It lets users to be limited as to the calls they can make.

Documentation of suspicious call patterns is much eased by software that uses the basic call records created by the VoIP system to examines incoming and outgoing calls. If this is associated with Caller-ID, regular calls to an unauthorized number can be identified and blocked.

Lower cost of Entry with Hosted Systems


The last reason but not least, is the increasing popularity of hosted VoIP. If small business can’t afford the investment associated with installing VoIP Phone Systems, the general cost can be made a lot more affordable by using a hosted system. Because a hosted system needs no central hardware installation on site, it can be brought into play a lot quicker. However, some costs might be incurred. The internal company network needs to be able to support VoIP, which many require changes to cabling or switches.

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