VoIP Business Phone Systems Can Reduce Phone Bills

Transitioning to a VoIP business phone system will help your business save money.


Transitioning to a VoIP business phone system will help your business save money.

Given recent events, more businesses are trying to find new ways to tighten their budgets and lower their operating costs. Many companies are doing so by turning to advanced technologies that will help them curtail some of the expenditures they’ve been wasting money on for years.


Although VoIP business phone systems aren’t exactly new, many companies are just now learning of their long list of benefits. For example, business VoIP providershave known about the cost savings to your phone bills for quite some time.


VoIP Business Phone Installation

Whether you’re building a new business or trying to improve your current communications system, you’ll need to consider the cost of installation as part of your initial or continuing phone bill. VoIP business phone systems are known to save companies money because their installation involves less hardware and less labor.


Save Money on Long Distance Calls

Due to the high volume of calls typically associated with businesses, long-distance continues to result in a high phone bill for many companies. Especially when making numerous international calls. These charges can quickly add up to extreme amounts.


To easily save money on the costs of long-distance calls, you’re better off with VoIP because most phone calls are free and some long-distance phone calls, you’ll only pay a low amount.


Add Phone Lines with Ease

If you’ve ever added phone lines to a traditional system, then you’ve seen the high cost of doing so on your monthly phone bill at some point. A VoIP business phone system operates primarily through a network rather than hardware. And the number of phone lines that you need can be easily expanded by adding bandwidth.


The process is much simpler because all you need to do is plug in a VoIP phone and connect it to the network port or switch. Not only does it save you money on your phone bill, but it also means no more wires strung all over the office.


Fewer Maintenance Costs

When repairs on a traditional phone system need attention, it’ll be a high cost on your next bill. This high cost of repair is often due to the old phone system consisting of more hardware to troubleshoot. The time it takes to troubleshoot can take hours, and the bill starts adding up. The cost of repairing the hardware isn’t cheap. VoIP phone systems use a virtual network, and there is minimal hardware to troubleshoot. The most significant expense that you’ll typically see for maintenance is replacing a phone that has failed.



Add Features with No Hassle

Traditional phone systems have added a variety of features over the years, but with each upgrade comes at a cost. VoIP includes many features right off the bat,

  • voicemail
  • auto-attendant
  • call forwarding
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • video chat capability

And others with at no additional cost. Any requested features added later on will be at no cost or will be made available for a small fee.


Streamline with Hosted Solution

One of the best ways to get your phone bill under control is to choose a hosted solution when using a VoIP business phone service. With this option, service is constantly monitored by your VoIP provider to help prevent network outages, security breaches, and other communications issues.


A hosted solution will help keep your phone bill under control by identifying any potential problems or unusual network activity that would add to your costs.


Contact Onyx for VoIP Business Phone Solutions

As you can see, a VoIP business phone system can help reduce your phone bill. To learn more about business VoIP phones in Tampa, the experts at Onyx VoIP Services can get you started today with a no-cost consultation. Contact us at (855) 565-6699 to learn more.

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