Selecting the best VoIP service in terms of price, features, vendor and customer service is not an easy task. Since the technology is relatively new, many businesses may not be quite sure of the details involved in VoIP implementation. To clear up some of the confusion, we answer few VoIP frequently asked questions. Let’s begin!

1. Is VoIP expensive?

Businesses are adapted to paying more for new technology and most are pleasingly surprised when they find that VoIP is truly less expensive than comparable business plans on older landline phones.

2. Can I use my existing equipment?

Even though it is possible to use analogue devices with adapters, most businesses choose to purchase IP phones to use on their VoIP network. Basic IP phones are inexpensive and higher end models offer significantly more features than landlines.

3. How much bandwidth do I need?

This is one of the most common VoIP questions. A fast Internet connection is needed for business VoIP. The actual bandwidth depends on the number of concurrent calls that must be made; many simultaneous calls will need more bandwidth. As a VoIP Vendor, our representatives can help you choose the right Internet connection for your phone and computer service.

4. Does VoIP reduce call quality?

Call quality and reliability has greatly improved from a decade ago.  Most users cannot really tell the difference between calls made through the PSTN and the VoIP network. However, as with any network, PSTN or VoIP audio quality does depend on a few factors and network congestion or poor configuration can cause issues.  This is why we send out experienced technicians when we do an on-site inspection and VoIP install.

5. Will I lose any business features from landlines?

VoIP allows companies to enjoy more features when compared to landlines. Some features are applied more efficiently on VoIP and there are several features that are simply unavailable on older PSTN technology. VoIP offers the ability to hold, park and transfers calls, call pickup from any extension and the ability to instantly check your voicemail from your VoIP are just a few of the most common phone features.

6. Do I have to change the company number?

No.  Our online support agents will help you through the simple process of porting your old number to our servers.  It takes from 7-10 days for most porting cases to complete.  In the meantime, we will process a call forwarding from your old company to our new service.  Your customers will never know the difference. We have a large inventory of phone numbers from around the U.S. in the event that you would like to add additional numbers to your account.

7. What is the difference between hosted and on-premise VoIP?

Hosted VoIP means that the organization will be accessing the service through the cloud and the actual hardware is located at the provider’s location. On premise VoIP means that the organization will purchase and maintain its own IP PBX hardware to make calls. The latter option can be expensive for many businesses, so hosted VoIP is more popular.  For those companies that may be on a budget, we do offer phone rentals at a reasonable monthly rate.  Renting your phones will help cut down your initial up front start up service costs and if one should ever go bad, we will replace it free of charge.

8. How do my employees get a new feature, number or line?

Your VoIP representative will go over all the various features and options we offer, and our technicians will provision your phones and service specifically to your needs.   You can have calls ring in to a ring group or an auto attendant, or for a minimal cost, each of your employees can get a direct number and have it ring to their extension.  With hosted business VoIP, new numbers and lines can be provided quickly as the underlying platform is scalable and flexible.

9. Is VoIP secure?

VoIP phone systems are just as secure, if not more so, than landlines.   Our technicians can assist your IT department with ways to make your phone network just as secure as your computer network.  We offer instructions on many of today’s top of the line routers and assist with Quality of Service programming.

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