What Are Some of the Best VoIP Features to Look for?


Specific features you should look for in VoIP services.

The use of VoIP in business started out at what some might consider a snail’s pace because industries were so accustomed to the use of their traditional phone systems. The last thing they wanted was to switch out a functional system with untested technology, especially since it was one that they couldn’t fully understand.

These days, more and more companies have recognized the advantages that businesses can enjoy with the use of VoIP technology and have already made the switch. To help you make the change in your own business, let’s dive into a handful of the best VoIP features that you should look for when you’re in the market for a VoIP phone system.

Auto Attendant

This VoIP service feature allows you to set up a menu that will efficiently and effectively service many of your customers’ needs. The menu is fully customizable and will give you a greater presence in your industry. In fact, one of the best things about an auto attendant is that it serves as a small business phone system feature that will make your company appear larger.


This standard phone system feature is important for businesses of every size and in every industry. When your business is closed or a certain person is unavailable, giving a customer or client the option to leave a voicemail and then be called back later can allow you to service them more readily. This is a much better option than receiving a busy signal or a phone that never stops ringing.

Find Me / Follow Me

When managers or other employees are tethered to their desks, it can make servicing customers much more difficult. With the find me/follow me feature, you can program your desk phone to send calls to any other phone or location that you desire. This allows you to assist a customer or client at a remote location while still being available to take calls from any other customers that come in. Of course, this goes for employees that need to get in touch with you, as well.


A VoIP phone system’s conferencing capabilities will come in handy in a variety of situations. Perhaps you have employees that work from home or maybe you have a client that lives in another state. This feature can save your company money on travel expenses and improve your productivity. Even if you don’t have a lot of employees, this feature works perfectly with a small business phone system.

Call Recording/Reporting

If your company wants to record incoming calls and/or produce reports that track details about each call that comes in, then this could be one of the most important VoIP features on the list. In some industries, this feature will put your company in compliance with government regulations regarding the documentation of certain communications.

Data Encryption

Given the multitude of data breaches that businesses of all shapes and sizes have seen in recent years, robust data encryption has become a necessity rather than a choice. A VoIP phone system will send data in encrypted “packets” so that if any communication information is stolen, then the data is completely useless to the hacker.

Hosted Option

This is a feature that involves both the phone system itself and the VoIP provider. With a hosted VoIP option, the provider will host all the services on their own network, so you never have to worry about maintenance concerns or IT needs. They will also monitor your system on a continuous basis and will become aware of any communications problems or data breaches and then fix those issues immediately.

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