6 Benefits of a VoIP PBX System for Your Small Business

What are some of the benefits of a VoIP PBX phone system?

Many small businesses are having a bit of a rough time right now, which means that they must make smart business decisions to ensure their continued success. Many owners and managers are trying to figure out how their business phone service will fit in with their future plans in a post-coronavirus world.

Business VoIP providers already have the answer, of course. Like businesses of all shapes and sizes, a VoIP PBX system can help improve communications capabilities and customer satisfaction in your small business. Let’s discuss a few benefits of switching out your traditional phone system with a VoIP PBX phone system.

Centralized Control

Local communities want to support small businesses whenever they can, so it’s important that you offer them the same conveniences larger companies can provide. With the option of all incoming communications being sent to a central location through the use of a VoIP PBX system, customers can rely on their concerns being answered quickly and effectively. This eliminates the need for a long staff directory or calls being bounced around. You can also change the location of the reception desk anytime it’s needed to keep customers connected.

Auto Attendant

One of the greatest features of a VoIP PBX system is the option of using an auto attendant to take care of customer concerns and route calls. By creating an automated menu, customers can be routed to the correct department or person that fits their needs. You can also provide options where basic information, such as directions and hours of operation, are given. This allows you to assist the maximum number of customers in a minimal timeframe, thereby cutting down on employee waste and satisfying your clientele.

Simple Expansion

Most small businesses will entertain the idea of expansion at some point along the line. As your business expands, so will your PBX phone system. Whether you need just a few PBX phones, dozens, or even hundreds, you can add as many as you need without an exorbitant cost or hassle. When your Tampa business phone service utilizes VoIP, you can easily add to your network and then just plug in more phones.

Better Reputation

Large companies can often take a hit to their reputation yet still succeed through the sheer force of their size and strength. Small businesses often don’t have that luxury, because a tarnished reputation can keep people away and greatly damage profits. By improving your communications with a VoIP PBX system, you’ll help to eliminate potential complaints based on a perceived lack of service. This will lead to positive Facebook posts, Yelp reviews, and more.

Hosted Option

A great option that many businesses use once they’ve installed a PBX phone system is a hosted solution. This is where your business VoIP phone system is managed by your VoIP provider. They will continually monitor the system, maintain security, identify any potential issues, and basically keep everything running smoothly. This convenient solution will save you lots of time and energy while providing exemplary service.

Cost Monitoring

Small businesses typically have a very tight profit margin and can’t afford to lose money. A VoIP PBX system provides reports that analyze phone usage, such as which areas are receiving the most calls, the options that are being selected most with the auto attendant, and how calls are being rerouted once they’ve come through. This enables you to make tweaks to how various calls are handled. Plus, you can check for unauthorized calls that may be wasting precious time.

Contact Onyx VoIP Services for Your Small Business

Many small businesses are having a rough time, but it’s definitely possible to bounce back. The experts at Onyx VoIP Services can help improve your small business by providing you with solutions that work to ease the strain on communications, satisfy your customers, and lower your expenditures. Give us a call at (855) 565-6699 to help us become your VoIP business phone provider in Tampa.

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