How a VoIP Phone System Can Help Small Businesses Save Money


How your business can save money by installing a VoIP phone system.

Everyone knows that the biggest stress put upon any small business owner is the amount of money being spent to keep the business running. No matter how well-managed the company is or how great their product or service, if they aren’t cutting corners wherever they can (without sacrificing quality, of course), then they can easily go over budget in a short period of time.

The use of an advanced small business phone system that utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a great way to improve communications while cutting back on expenditures.

Here are a few ways that a VoIP phone system for small business can save your small business money immediately following installation:

Less Maintenance

Traditional phone systems have served the business world well in the past, but everyone knows that routine maintenance is often involved as hardware, wiring, and other elements break down. Suffice it to say that repair or replacement of hardware is not cheap. Since VoIP’s primary hardware is utilized in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down and costing you money to get it fixed. Plus, if you choose a hosted VoIP option with your provider, you won’t even need to deal with any network issues that might arise.

No Calling Fees

With a traditional small business phone system, you’re forced to pay for certain long-distance and interstate calls, which can end up costing your small business a pretty penny, especially if you work with a lot of clients out of state. Since a VoIP phone system for small business connects your calls through the internet, you will avoid paying any of those extra fees. Plus, international calls done through VoIP will only cost you approximately half of what you would pay with a traditional phone system.

Painless Expansion

Small businesses often want to grow larger over time, whether that means a bigger facility or additional locations. Traditional phone systems are certainly not known for being flexible when you want to expand your business. A VoIP service, on the other hand, can be easily expanded to fit any size business, with little to no added expense, depending on the need for larger bandwidth and additional VoIP phones.

No-Cost Upgrades

Technology advances quite quickly these days, which means that new features, more robust communications, and other elements will need to be upgraded as time moves on. Upgrades to your VoIP phone system will be covered by your provider, whereas it would be your responsibility to upgrade a traditional phone system. While it’s certainly true that you could choose to not upgrade a standard system, you would then find yourself behind your competitors.

Little to No Downtime

Any amount of downtime at your small business can mean lost profits that you can’t afford. In the world of VoIP, downtime at any sized business is an absolute stain on a provider’s reputation. When you choose a hosted solution, the provider will continuously monitor the status of the network, identify any problems immediately, and put them to rest before you even know there’s been an issue.

Travel Savings

Even when your company is small, you typically do business with people in other states and maybe even other countries. In the past, this could add up to high travel expenses whenever you would need to visit these clients or give a presentation in an attempt to land a new one. Thanks to the conferencing features that you receive with a VoIP system for small businesses, you can speak to clients remotely, either individually or in a group setting, leading to increased savings.

Onyx Helps Small Businesses Flourish with VoIP Technology and Services

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