Added Security Tips for Business VoIP Phone Systems

Security measures for VoIP business phone systems.

Most business owners and managers are probably aware that the use of encrypted VoIP as a way to protect your data is the norm, but it’s important to always stay vigilant beyond standard protocol for the sake of your company and clientele. To help businesses understand VoIP security, we’d like to briefly discuss several added security tips that will help prevent intrusion by hackers and data thieves.

Protect with Strong Passwords

Your VoIP phone system is only as strong as its weakest link. The bad news is that the weakest link in your system is most likely the passwords chosen by employees, which can lead hackers to areas that are filled with sensitive data. The exact parameters are your call, but common elements for a strong password include 8-12 characters, at least one number, and at least one symbol.

Frequently Change Passwords

Strong passwords are known to protect VoIP phone systems in Tampa very well, but you must never let your guard down. It should be mandatory for each employee to change his or her password every six months. They should also never write this password down or keep it saved to their computer or on their phone.

Educate All of Your Employees

Very often, your company’s first line of defense against a data breach is your workforce. Set up a meeting with all of your employees regarding VoIP phones for business and explain the importance of passwords, common phishing techniques, and what to watch out for that might indicate an unauthorized intrusion. Then, every six months or so, provide a refresher.

Use a Professional Hosted Solution

If you’re concerned about hacker intrusions and other security issues, then the best course of action may be to put your trust into a reputable VoIP provider. This is what’s referred to as a hosted solution, which means that instead of your own IT tech or IT department watching the system, a trained group of off-site professionals does it instead. This is a great way to protect your VoIP phone system and keep your mind at ease.

Enable Network Address Translation

Hackers are known to use automated programs that scan for weaknesses in a computer, VoIP phone, or other devices that will allow them access from the outside. To help block access from internet traffic, activate your router’s feature known as Network Address Translation (NAT). This will provide your VoIP phone with a private IP address that can only be identified by your Local Area Network. This may not always stop the extremely sophisticated hackers, but it will stop your company from becoming easy prey.

Focus Firewall Efforts on Port 80

Everyone probably knows by now that a firewall creates a protective barrier around your system that makes it much more difficult for a hacker to gain access. What you may not know is that your router’s Port 80 is especially vulnerable. That’s because this port uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), which is the same protocol used by most websites. Closing it will block access to your phone’s public IP address.

Enable the Phone’s Web Interface

Your VoIP phone’s web interface is one of the most useful features because it allows you to easily set and update the properties of your business phone service. This includes the usernames and passwords of the phone’s users, however, which makes it an inviting target for hackers This vulnerable point of entry can be temporarily disabled until you need to update your settings, and then switched back off again.

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