7 Tips to Choose the Best VoIP Providers for Business


Qualities and features VoIP providers for business should provide to their customers.

If you’ve been considering the switch to VoIP phone systems for your business, then you’re ready for superior business communications. This is a fantastic technological leap that will grant you a competitive edge by providing a reliable and sustainable communications platform for your employees and customers.

You’ll need to look at multiple VoIP service providers that can assist you with the installation and implementation of the new layout, in addition to bringing you the best in business phone systems.

Here’s a list of attributes the most reputable VoIP providers for business will always have:

1. Industry Experience

Brand new startups are perfectly fine, but we’re talking about searching through business VoIP providers that will be able to deliver a robust communications system for your company. After all, even though VoIP technology has existed for many years, many of its advancements have evolved somewhat recently. Those who have experience in the industry are better equipped to assist you than those who have recently jumped into VoIP and are just beginning to provide services.

2. Service Reliability

The importance of service reliability from a VoIP provider cannot be understated. A surefire way to disappoint your customers is to deliver a less-than-stellar performance. Difficulty with getting in contact with you, providing sub-par communications when servicing them, and other negative experiences can send ripples throughout your consumer base. If the VoIP provider you choose doesn’t have a great track record of service reliability or drops the ball along the way, it’s time to find one you can trust.

3. Features and Price

Voice over Internet Protocol has always been known as a more affordable communications solution than a traditional phone system, but a lot of people have never considered the types of features available. During your search of VoIP providers for business, ask which features are included in the standard cost of VoIP services and which, if any, are delivered at an additional fee.

4. Hosted Solution

Many businesses rely on a hosted solution once a VoIP system has been installed. With this type of setup, the VoIP provider maintains the equipment and monitors the network so that your company doesn’t require a dedicated person or team to handle it. Since the provider has a team of VoIP experts, they are better equipped to identify problems and find solutions before they impact your business.

5. Network Security

In recent years, we’ve seen an uptick in hackers targeting a variety of businesses with the goal of obtaining personal and financial information. Your chosen VoIP provider should always have network security as one of their top priorities. Ask any potential provider about the protocols they have in force to prevent data breaches that threaten the release of private customer information.

6. Third-Party Integration

If you already have an existing set of business phones currently in use, you should inquire with your potential VoIP provider if the specific types you have can be integrated into the new setup. This is a great way to save a little money, but you may also consider switching out the phones regardless of integration so you can take advantage of more advanced features.

7. Downtime Guarantee

Today’s customers expect businesses to always be up and running. If you experience any downtime, this could send them elsewhere, particularly to your competition. A reputable VoIP provider will offer some type of no downtime guarantee so you can avoid inconveniencing your employees, customers, business associates, and others.

Let Onyx VoIP Services Improve Your Business Communications

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