How Secure are VoIP Phone Systems?

VoIP security solutions are necessary to protect sensitive data.

The technologies involved with communication have certainly come a long way in recent years. As with all technologies, of course, voice and data transmission do come with security threats that must be tackled by experts in the field along with end users. A VoIP phone system fits into this security discussion, along with protocols used to protect each person’s data through proper VoIP security.

Common VoIP Security Threats

The unfortunate truth is if there is technology, there will be nefarious individuals trying to manipulate it for their own advantage. With any type of data transmission, including VoIP phone services, you need to be weary of a variety of security threats. These include eavesdropping on conversations, Denial-of-Service attacks, vishing (the voice-based version of phishing), malware, viruses, and more.

Dangers of a Data Breach

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the severe effects that can be caused by a data breach. Some of these have been in the form of a DOS attack that have clogged up networks so that users could not access accounts and data, privacy theft of personal data, and what accounts to extortion by threatening to reveal sensitive information. For these reasons, VoIP service providers go to great lengths to secure and protect each user’s privacy.

Selecting a VoIP Provider

The best action you can take to protect your VoIP phone system from those trying to break in is to use a reputable business VoIP provider that has plenty of experience in the industry. Experts in the field will be well-versed in the inherent dangers that these hackers pose and the best techniques to stop them. These strategies typically consist of encryption, strong passwords, and hosted VoIP solutions.

Effective Use of Encryption

Any time data is transmitted through business phone services via a phone line or network, it can be intercepted by hackers. Although there are steps that can be taken to stop these intrusions, they’re often cost-prohibitive for the average business and, even then, aren’t foolproof. Therefore, the use of encryption as a natural extension of VoIP will protect data by making it inaccessible to those who might gain access.

Rules for Strong Passwords

There’s been so much to say over the years about the need for strong passwords that we can’t really say anything new about it. Instead, allow us to reiterate that simple passwords like “password” or “1111” is a surefire way to give hackers free reign into your system. A VoIP provider will instruct you on what types of passwords you should use and the frequency at which they should be changed so as to help ensure data protection.

Choosing a Hosted VoIP Solution

As a business owner or manager, you have so many things to worry about that data security should be a task that you hand over to the experts. With a hosted solution, your VoIP provider will continuously monitor your network for any potential issues and fix them before they have a chance to negatively impact your business. This includes watching for possible breaches, ensuring that all data security protocols are followed, and acting immediately against any attempts to gain access.

Contact Onyx VoIP Services for Secure VoIP Phone System Solutions

Like any communications system, Voice over Internet Protocol poses security concerns, but there are safeguards in place that will help protect your business and customers. Onyx VoIP Services can install a secure and cost-effective communications system at your place of business and help keep transmitted data secure by utilizing VoIP security techniques. For a free, no-obligation consultation or any questions about our service, call us today at (855) 565-6699.

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