What are SIP calls and how does this technology work?


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol used in Voice IP communications that allows you to make and receive calls. SIP calls revolutionized communications years ago, allowing people from different countries to be connected through various devices.It can also take advantage of the benefits of Voice over IP to improve the quality of communications. The most important benefit offered by this technology was the reduction of communication costs since calls between SIP users are free worldwide and without limits.  SIP technology has offered companies great benefits for years, since they have integrated into telecommunications services, such as IP switchboards.

How do SIP calls work?

To use SIP, you would need a SIP address and get a SIP client on the device you are going to use to communicate. Then, you need to configure that SIP client based on some technical requirements.

With technological advances in electronic, new services and technologies have appeared that make these devices simpler.

What does it take to make and receive SIP calls?

To communicate through SIP, you need:

  • A SIP line, which you must hire through a telephone provider.
  • Installing a softphone or interface on the computer to establish communications.
  • Internet connection with high-quality broadband. Preferably always cable connection.
  • Devices for making and receiving calls: computer, landline, mobile.

What are the advantages of SIP calls?

  1. Saving in primary / ISDN. Since it only requires an Internet connection, the costs of traditional equipment such as primary or ISDN networks are eliminated.
  2. Cost reduction in national calls. IP telephony operators offer cheaper national rates and make no distinction between metropolitan, provincial, and interprovincial calls.
  1. Cheap international calls.The cost of making an international call with a SIP trunk is more affordable with traditional connections. Calling certain countries has the same or very similar value as national calls.
  1. Calls between locations with no cost. VoIP operators offer free calls between their users and companies with SIP Trunk of the same operator can communicate with each other, even if they are in different countries, at no cost.
  1. Greater volume of calls.The number of calls is no longer limited by wiring. The available bandwidth will determine the maximum amount of calls that you can perform with the SIP Trunk provider.

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