What is Voice over IP?

Regardless of the type of phone system that you have in your office, the phone device remains an essential part of it. Whether your company has already transferred to VoIP or is considering the move, you will notice that you still need phones to make calls. Unlike the traditional PSTN network, VoIP phones offer many possibilities when it comes to the device used to make calls.

What is VoIP?

When making a call via VoIP, your voice is digitized into packets of information that the internet can route to the receiver. These packets of information don’t have to travel all together, and frequently take a variety of routes to their destination. Their flexibility can make them more efficient than traditional phone calls.


VoIP Phones use your existing computer network and evade the infrastructure costs related to the purchase and maintenance of a distinct voice communication systems. VoIP systems offer companies quality phone systems and all the typical phone features without demanding investments into expensive hardware.

You no longer need to purchase or rent expensive hardware nor wait for wiring to be installed. VoIP helps companies to avoid those stressful moments spent revising your monthly bills filled with unpredictable charges. Maintenance costs are also included in your monthly service payments, thereby reducing the operating charges related to traditional phone systems.

Fast deployment

VoIP is fast and affordable, which means businesses can rapidly start earning the benefits without having to spend on costly hardware or line installations. Often, VoIP phone systems are plug-and-play solutions that cause slight disruption by connecting straight into a user’s computer and are ready to go straight from the box.

Greater flexibility

VoIP solutions provide great flexibility to businesses by letting them increase or decrease the number of networks or users active on their network within seconds.

This way, businesses are given the liberty to control their networks more efficiently, paying only for the services they intend to use with a service that supports them through periods of growth or decline.

Increased mobility

Another excellent benefit VoIP offers to businesses is the level of support it extends to remote workers. As VoIP runs over the internet and not secure lines, calls can be made and received using the same number on any compatible device such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets from any location with working internet access.

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