VoIP Phone Systems

With Cutting Edge VoIP Phone Systems You Get

Excellent Call Quality

VoIP phone systems are always designed to provide top-notch call quality so your internal and external communications are always as clear as possible. Each incoming and outgoing call delivers excellent audio for all users regardless of distance and other factors. This ensures employees can communicate effectively between each other while servicing customers to the best of their ability.

Seamless Installation

The installation of an entire communications system can seem daunting at first, but VoIP makes it easy. Onyx VoIP Services will analyze your communications needs, work closely with you on specific equipment, and then get everything installed quickly and without stress. In situations where our technicians are replacing an existing traditional phone system, the transition to VoIP will occur seamlessly.

Quick & Easy Scalability

With business expansion always a possibility, it’s essential your communications system be able to grow. Since VoIP business phone systems use the cloud for data delivery, a company can easily be scaled with little more than an expanded network and additional VoIP phones. This is much more cost-effective than a traditional phone system, which would typically require a complete overhaul at a huge cost.

Productivity Features

The best VoIP providers are always focused on ensuring productivity as a way to cut down on costs and improve communication. Onyx VoIP Services will help you utilize VoIP solutions such as voicemail, messaging, Find Me / Follow Me, video conferencing, and other features designed to improve productivity and performance. This enables employees to handle company and client needs swiftly and effectively.

Data Privacy and Security

Hackers are prevalent in today’s business landscape, which is why it’s important that you put your trust into advance technologies designed to deter or dissuade them from breaking into your system and stealing sensitive information. While it’s impossible to prevent every single attack, VoIP phone systems utilize security features such as monitoring and data encryption to keep data safe and secure

Cost-Effective Solutions

Onyx VoIP Solutions provide companies with quality phone systems and all the standard phone features without requiring purchases of expensive hardware. Onyx VoIP Solutions helps companies to avoid those stressful moments spent reviewing monthly telephone bills filled with unusual and irregular charges.

The best customer service within the communication and technology field we have ever experienced. We feel Onyx VOIP is an extension of our overall service to our clients.

Michael Parrotta

Great service, Great people!

Brian Gunnin

Quality company that does excellent work!!

Robin Niven Sr.

I’ve used Onyx at 2 different businesses and have been happy with the results. Their support service is always helpful.

Paula Blair



    Onyx VoIP offers the reliability you need from VoIP with the cost efficiency expected to keep your company running smoothly.

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